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New Machinery

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New Machinery
Bed Former thumbnail image
Bed Former

Single or twin rotor bedformers

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Cultivators thumbnail image

Soil Cultivation

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Disc Harrows thumbnail image
Disc Harrows

Disc Cultivation

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Fertiliser Hopper thumbnail image
Fertiliser Hopper

Fertiliser Hopper & Applicator

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Fertiliser Spreader thumbnail image
Fertiliser Spreader

Fertiliser applicators

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Hood & Band Sprayers thumbnail image
Hood & Band Sprayers

An alternative to inter-row cultivators, the hooded sprayer can provide total weed kill between the rows without soil disturbance.

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Inter-Row Cultivator thumbnail image
Inter-Row Cultivator

Inter-Row cultivators for weed control

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Irrigation Equipment thumbnail image
Irrigation Equipment

Irrigation Equipment

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Mowers thumbnail image

Professional cutters

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Planters thumbnail image

Variation of planters to meet your needs

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Plastic/Fleece Layers and Retrievers thumbnail image
Plastic/Fleece Layers and Retrievers

Plastic & fleece handling machines

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Power Harrow thumbnail image
Power Harrow

Seedbed preparation

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Rollers thumbnail image

Rigid & Folding rollers

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Rotavator thumbnail image

Rotary tillers

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Seeders thumbnail image

Precision seeders

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Spot Sprayers thumbnail image
Spot Sprayers

Precision target sprayer

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Sprayers thumbnail image

Full range of sprayers from small trolley sprayers to self-propelled units

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Steamer thumbnail image

Soil Disinfection by Steam

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Stone Burier thumbnail image
Stone Burier

Stone burying equipment

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Subsoilers thumbnail image

Multi-leg Subsoilers

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Toppers thumbnail image

Pasture toppers

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Weeders thumbnail image

Weeding solutions

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