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Garford Hood & Band Sprayers


Garford Hooded sprayers and band sprayers have been developed to enable precise and accurate application of plant protection products and fertilisers to growing crops in order to maximise crop potential and reduce environmental impact.

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Category Hood & Band Sprayers
Manufacturer Garford
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Product description

An alternative to inter-row cultivators, the hooded sprayer can provide total weed kill between the rows without soil disturbance.

Band widths between 10cm and 60cm can be accommodated with 2 choices of hood size and a special swivel action. The hooded sprayer units can be employed on their own or in combination with soil engaging crop protection shields if required. The hoods are supported on parallel linkage wheel units.

Hooded sprayer’s can be equipped with full spraying systems, with a tank up to 600ltr, or with front mounted tanks if higher capacities are required

Garford also offer the option to work hooded spraying and band spraying as one unit having twin line systems being fed from two tanks one on the front of the tractor the other on the back. This allows for ultimate spraying efficiency due to the ability to provide total weed control between the rows and foliar coverage over the row. Therefore reducing chemical usage, cost and environmental risks are reduced.


Mounting/Linkage 3 Point Linkage
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