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Montefiori Hydraulic/Laser Leveller/Grader


In the agricultural sector we enjoy a long experience with graders, scrapers and laser control systems, trolleys for collecting fruits and vegetables. Our products are designed and manufactured with high technology and certified in accordance with CE requirements. The appreciation of the market both domestic and international for our products is the incentive that drives us to achieve even better results.

Category Leveller
Manufacturer Montefiori
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Product description

High technology has led us to build a tool that is not only a grader but also a machine that can carry out large earth movements in a very short time thanks to the construction of a broken-line gooseneck bin chassis that allows to increase the space between the blade and the chassis in order to carry larger volumes of earth, and thanks to a differential radius blade and a patented bent cutting blade that allows perfect and fast earth rolling thus giving the possibility of moving a large volume of earth rapidly and with low energy. Perfect for any kind of working condition: rice fields, irrigation scrolling, double slope fields and for any other needs and types of crops. Frame built with tubular steels and high-strength metal sheets, all joints are on bearings with grease nipples for lubrication. Rear equalizer axle extensible, with sliding hydraulic jacks on milled steel guides, hubs with double protection and hub shell with grease. Recognized by the Emilia-Romagna Region as a technological innovation.

Available to customer spec.

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