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CM Regero Plastic/Fleece Layer


CM Regero Industries ID “Incorporation Direct” plastic film layer

Category Plastic/Fleece Layers and Retrievers
Manufacturer CM Regero
Availaibility To Order
Product description

CM Regero Industries ID “Incorporation Direct” plastic film layer is a simple, fast and efficient solution to layer any kind of crop cover, film, fleece or netting

Direct Insertion does away with the traditional method of laying film and inserts the film directly into the soil rather than moving soil on top of the film to secure it

Once the film is inserted into the soil, the rear wheels follow closely to seal the film into the small groove that was made

Because the ID machine doesn’t need to move soil back and forth, it can go at a higher speed

The ID machine also put the film in deeper which means it’s less susceptible to wind


Width (metres) 2.50
Mounting/Linkage 3 Point Linkage
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